Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Exhale Magazine launches

This sounds like a great project:

I get a lot of infertility reading material, both print and online, sent my way. Too much, too much. But that's my business, so I receive it and peruse the copy, sometimes meandering, other times slogging. Occasionally, I'm excited.

Exhale Magazine has just launched, and I'm very happy to tell everyone about it. And I don't even have a single pinkie toe in the project.
It's just so good.

The subtitle for this online-only zine (tres smart women here, what with the ridiculously calamitous world of print mags) says it all: A Literary Magazine for Intelligent People Who Have Lost a Baby, Or Who Can't Figure Out How to Make One in the First Place.

The mag's editor, Monica M. LeMoine, has done a fine job of culling from what could've no doubt been a wide swath of expressive unhappy campers. You know we Infertility Divas love to share our pain. This batch knows how to write for the Web. It's concise, it's vivid, and it's both poignant and entertaining.


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