Thursday, December 11, 2008

Caffeine and miscarriage - the link gets stronger

In my first pregnancy, when I was 23 years old, I was ULTRAcareful, and drank zero caffeine. This was difficult, as I am a caffeine addict. In my second and third pregnancies, resulting in healthy babies, I drank extremely, very, super modest amounts of caffeine - after the first trimester.

Then about ten years passed, and I became even more addicted to caffeine. The research on caffeine and pregnancy was mixed during this period.

Recently, the reseatch has become stronger that caffeine in early pregnancy presents a meaningful miscarriage risk. I didn't know the research had solidified until AFTER my most recent miscarriages, when I will admit, I likely drank too much caffeine.

Now that I've read the latest on this issue, I will avoid all but one small caffeinated drink per day in pregnancy - if that much - when I become pregnant again. It's becoming clearer that for those of us at risk of pregnancy loss already, caffeine is not something we want or need to add to our diets.

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  1. I'm not sure about this... My sister and law, co worker and best friend all consumed caffeine during their pregnancies- all three had healthy live babies. I drank ZERO caffeine and miscarried at 14 weeks with a missed miscarriage. I think you need to do what you can, but as crass as it sounds, miscarriage is just bad luck. Some people are lucky, and their children develop properly and some people have the horrible luck of a miscarriage. It's terrible and horrible, but out of our control.