Monday, February 16, 2009

A great resource for educating yourself on miscarriage

In my opinion, the best information currently available online regarding miscarriage is the Healthline "Fruit of the Womb" blog authored by Dr. Kenneth Trofatter. Dr. Trofatter has blogged very extensively over the past several years on the topics of miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss. His blog is searchable, so you can easily find any specific topics you are looking for, and be sure to read all the comments below each post, because they are filled with patient comments, and very specific and informative responses from Dr. Trofatter. He must commit a tremendous amount of time to this blogging, and I'll tell you, I am a fan. I wish he were located in my neck of the woods (he used to be), because I'd definitely be calling for a new patient appointment.

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    I had a miscarriage in 2013. We’d only been trying to get pregnant for a couple of months, and when I got that first positive pregnancy test, it felt a little bit like a whoops! Well, okay. One evening, I came home from a book reading and was bleeding. I quickly turned to all my pregnancy books, and to the internet, all of which told me that a little bleeding could be normal and fine, but the longer it went on, and the more pain I was in, what was happening became clear. The bleeding wasn’t stopping, and neither was the pain. Even though it was obvious enough what was going on, I refused to take any pain medication. Because you’re not supposed to take blood thinners when you’re pregnant. That was how I lost my first pregnancy. And in two others in the same year I had to look for solution, because our family Doctor could not help, he has given us a lot of prescription but non worked, I had to look for solution on line and saw the contact of Dr Steve I contacted him through the mail and made purchase for his product which is a permanent solution to Miscarriage. Now am having two kids and I promise to tell the whole world about him if he helps me out. You can contact him for solution on for a good solution to miscarriage.