Monday, January 26, 2009

A product recommendation -

After reading Toni Weschler's amazing book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, I knew I wanted to start following my own body's cycles via Basal Body Temperature charting. But being an online kinda gal, I wanted to find a way to enter my temperatures online, and have them charted via software. Enter Fertility Friend. Somewhat silly name. Great product.

Every morning, I take my temperature, make note of any other fertility signs, and just enter them at the FF site. The software does the rest. It tells me when I ovulated, whether I ovulated, and allows me to follow my cycle through the month with an easy-to-read visual chart. It also allows me to compare my chart to other people's - so I could filter for charts that belong to 41 year old women on clomid, after miscarriage. Then I can see how my chart this month matches up to other people's - particularly folks who actually managed to get pregnant.

If you are trying to get pregnant, I HIGHLY recommend this online tool. It's well worth the $25 or whatever it costs for two or three months of using it.



  1. Agreed! Fertility friend is awesome. :)

  2. Katie, are you also charting cervical changes? I found that those changes were easier for me to feel and note than mucus and temperature, both of which can vary if your sleep patterns vary... If you want to learn more about the patterns, do what i did :) and call the catholic church - the only thing i knew about nfp was that Catholics were supposed to use it, but they did have great classes for free...

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